Our Association Organized Enhanced Cooperation Meeting


To strengthen exchanges and cooperation between entrepreneurs in Shenzhen and Huizhou, promote better and faster development of the association, and better meet the actual needs of members in all regions of Guangdong Province, share the platform resources of the Association and achieve a win-win development for all parties, On January 6, 2018, The Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association held the Shenzhen and Huihui Entrepreneurs Exchange Meeting. The meeting was held at Hongfeng Hotel, Nanshan, Shenzhen. This exchange meeting attracted a total of more than 70 lubricants entrepreneurs from Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Huizhou Shenzhen and so on.

Before the meeting started, many entrepreneurs arrived at the scene in advance. With the help of this association's activities, they each met and exchanged ideas with their peers and exchanged their opinions on the association's activities and the development of the industry. At 2:00 p.m., the host announces the start of the meeting.


Chairman of the Guangdong Lubricants Industry Association and Chairman of Anmei Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Xiaolong took the stage to speak. He welcomed everyone and proposed the roles, functions and development plans of the association's future industry. He hoped that more entrepreneurial friends would join in. In this big family, everyone can integrate and complement each other and develop together through their own advantages; and share the case of the first billion orders for group purchases led by the Association. Five companies have jointly purchased eight smart three-dimensional libraries. Thus for enterprises have saved a lot of procurement costs..


Tan Chaowu, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association and Chairman of Guangzhou Industrial Science and Technology Co., Ltd., delivered the  keynote speech on “Sharing Leveraging Marketing Models of Industrial Lubricants”. He used his company's product development process as a case to share his insights on industrial lubricants in product innovation, package combinations, promotion methods, and promotion channels.


Ms. Chen Dongmei, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Lubricants Industry Association and Chief Planning Officer of Shenzhen Shangjiyuan  Information Consulting Co., Ltd., took the stage to share the “Opportunity and Adjustment of Vehicle Lubricants in a New Environment”. Through her many years of experience in the service of vehicle lubricants companies, she put forward the development trend of future vehicle   lubricants, the challenges and opportunities faced by vehicle lubricants companies, and the view that cross-border integration will be the norm.


Entrepreneur representatives and members from all regions took the stage to give speeches. Everyone took this opportunity to express their blessings and understanding of the industry. Some of them also mentioned their own corporate projects and cooperation needs.

Pan Chuanyi, Secretary-general of the Guangdong Lubricants Industry Association, made a concluding speech and he announced the activities and training programs to be organized by the association in 2018. Contents include: inspection activities in the province, international exchange activities; lectures and exchanges for automotive and industrial oils, cutting fluids, greases, consumption tax treatment, environmental protection policy response, etc.; provincial self-regulatory codes and standards issued in the province, and various types of thematic training classes. In particular, the plan of the association to organize various enterprises to participate in the exhibition is a project that is currently being promoted and confirmed.The detailed plan announcement and event arrangement close to the needs of the members have been highly recognized by the live entrepreneurs.They all expressed that they will actively participate in the follow-up activities of the association, work together with the association to regulate development and win-win cooperation, and jointly promote the harmonious progress of enterprises and associations.


Finally, Chen Dongmei, Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association, walked onto the stage and announced the results of the research on the 2018 Association training project. After on-site voting and the data of the survey of corporate member units, the company finally took the lead in implementing the “Product Price Strategy and Investment Promotion Training", "Effective Incentives and Growth Plan Training" , "Lubricant Company President Training Classes" and other training topics. The training will be implemented by the Association Training Center Shenzhen Business Opportunity Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Association members participate free of charge.


This meeting embodies the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association as a lubricant and accelerator for the development of the lubricant industry in Guangdong. It effectively assumes the responsibility of establishing a platform for information sharing, mutual exchange and cooperation sharing among entrepreneurs in various regions. The association helps enterprises to learn from each other and achieve win-win cooperation. And the industry will make great progress toward standard management and harmonious win-win situation.