2018 Automotive Lubricants, Maintenance Products Technology and Market Exchange Conference


  On August9-10, the “2018 Automotive Lubricants, Maintenance Products Technology andMarket Exchange Conference” was held in Zhuhai Junyi International Hotel! It mainly organized by theGuangdong Lubricant Industry Association, jointly sponsored by the vicepresident unit Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Delian GroupCo., Ltd.At the event, more than 140 membersof the association and professional representatives from the industry gatheredtogether to discuss new trends in technology and market development.


    The leaders of our association attending this exchange meeting are:

    Amer Technology Co., Ltd. Mr.Wang Xiaolong, President

   Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd. Mr.Hu Qingguang, Vice President

   Guangdong Delian Group Co., Ltd. Mr.Hong Zhijun, Vice President

   Maominghaihe Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Mr.Zhang Jianming,Vice President

   Shenzhen Hecheng Lubricating Materials Co., Ltd. Mr.Lan Bingli, VicePresident

   Francool (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Mr.Fan Chengdong, Vice President,

   Guangzhou Fangchuan Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. Mr.Xu Lishu, VicePresident,

   Guangdong Chelushi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Mr.He Zhijie, VicePresident

   Vice President Unit Guangdong Watts Petrochemical Co., Ltd.Mr.LiangzhanGeneral Manager

 Vice President Unit Guangzhou Runbide Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. MissXiangyutong, Deputy General Manager

  Vice President Unit Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Shunyi Development Co.,Ltd. Mr.Nie Xiang, Deputy General Manager

   Vice President Unit Dongguan Beishan Lubricant Co., Ltd. Mr.He Jianbo,Deputy General Manager,

 Vice President Unit Shenzhen Business Opportunity Information ConsultingCo., Ltd. Mr.Jin Zhaoqiang Deputy General Manager

 And our Association's expert advisory committee Director Mr.Zhang Chenhui,Mr.Ou Boming Professor-level senior engineer, Mr.Lin Hengyao Professor-levelsenior engineer.



   On the afternoon of August 9th and the morning of the 10th, at theinvitation of the leader of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd., the vicepresident of the association, some participants went to the Meihe TechnologyFactory for a visit.

  The staff first explained the safety of the visit in the conference room,then led us to the first and second production workshops and the R&Dcenter. The technical engineer Qin Yingyi gave us a detailed introduction totheir production, R&D and logistics warehousing.


   Meihe Company covers an area of 53,000 square meters and has a producttesting and research center of 2,000 square meters. The annual productioncapacity of lubricating oil is 150,000 tons. OEM/ODM is the characteristicbusiness of Meihe Company. At present, Meihe maintains close businesscooperation with the world's top companies, including Exxon Mobil, Shell,Petronas, Lubrizol, and Infineum. Visitors were amazed at the fully automatedor semi-automatic production line at Meihe Factory.

  Through the visit, everyone knows more about Meihe Company. Visitors,actively asking questions, humbly exchanged experiences and learning withparticipants from the same industry, and gained a lot.

   On the afternoon of August 10th, the exchange meeting wasofficially held at the Junyi International Hotel in Zhuhai. The meeting begunjoint opening by the speech of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd. Mr.HuQingguang, Vice President and Guangdong Delian Group Co., Ltd. Mr.Hong Zhijun,Vice President Mr. The Secretary-General of the Association, Dr. Pan Chuanyi,was the host of the meeting.


Nextis the wonderful sharing of experts in automotive lubricants, maintenanceproducts and market related parties.


  The founder of the automotive service world, the first secretary-generalof the Audi Alliance in China's automotive aftermarket, and Mr. Hu Junbo, anInternet media veteran of the automotive aftermarket, made a detailed analysisand introduction of the China Automotive After Service Industry Research Report(2017-2018). He said that China's auto aftermarket is very large. Due to thehigh level of professional capital and the accumulation of resources, the headenterprises are leading the way, and the consumption of the third and fourthtier cities is higher. It is still an effective strategy for enterprises tofollow the “Rural Encircling The City”. Among them, the focus is onthe future development direction of the automotive service industry, as well asthe choice of services for the owners and the impact of the Internet on theindustry.

Mr. Zhang Chenhui,an expert in the lubricant industry, conducted an in-depth analysis of thedevelopment trend of the Chinese automotive lubricant market. The market demandfor automotive lubricants in China has stabilized. The market share is in theinternational brand and the two state-owned enterprises and privateenterprises. The market is still huge, and the survival of small companies isunder tremendous pressure. The market for car repair and maintenance is huge.However, the problems of fragmentation, high dispersion and overcapacity in thedomestic post-market are very serious.

 Mr.Zhang also put forward that "the sale of lubricatingoil for vehicles is not for sale. It is not for sale when the dealer is pavedto the repair shop. It is only the consumption of the lubricating oil added tothe car, which is the real sale."

   In the future, the market for automotive lubricants will bere-divided, the brand will be reduced, and the concentration will be improved.The automobile maintenance market will be well-established in the automotivelubricant market. China's automotive lubricants production and operation willgo to the road of specialization, and the market structure will be greatlyadjusted for the purpose of “improving the efficiency of the entire industry”.


    Mr. Fang Haibin, engineer of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd. TechnologyR&D Department, introduced the solvent and application of vehicle oilviscosity index improver. He introduced the sol process in detail, including:sol formulation, sol reactor, gelation or pulverization of dry glue, processcontrol of sol and inspection control of sol. At the same time, he alsomentioned the three types of sol products of Meihe, and its excellentperformance surprised the guests.


    Mr. Zhang Jinpeng from Shanghai DeLian Auto Care Network Development Co.,Ltd. uses DeLian Auto Care's own development model to interpret the currentsituation of the automotive aftermarket and DeLian products. He then analyzedhow DeLian used the advantages of the industry chain to create a unique MB2B2Cbusiness model. This business model makes the DeLian product line feature theoriginal factory, the product price is lower than the OEM, the product qualityis exactly the same; the community store is small and exquisite; the DeLianAuto Care store workflow is more standardized; It also makes the DeLian brandmore technological and marketing more youthful.


    Mr. Cao Guoqing, technical engineer of Afton Engine Oil Company,introduced the development trend of engine oil and the latest qualitystandards. Global fuel economy regulations are escalating, China is currentlyimplementing the fourth phase of fuel consumption regulations, and the globaltrend and challenges of light vehicle emission regulations.

    At the same time, he also shared the trend of commercial vehicle oiltechnology: reducing emissions and stricter fuel economy requirements.Challenges faced by commercial vehicles: the technical path of powertrain andaftertreatment systems, national V and national VI emission standards requireupgrades of emission systems, challenges to heavy-duty truck oils, etc. Andtruck oil trend: focus on long oil change intervals. He also introduced thequality assurance policy for mainstream heavy-duty trucks, as well as salesestimates for heavy trucks by 2020 and upgrades for initial-loaded oilproducts. These future development trends provide a reference for the industryplanning of the guests.


    Ms. Yu Qiuxiang, Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co.,Ltd. delivered a speech on the topic of “Smart Factory Empowerment Terminal toImprove Profitability”. She first introduced the company to Meihe: Meihe is thelargest privately-owned lubricant manufacturer in South China. It locates theinternational first-line lubricant brand, domestic high-end lubricant brandOEM, and focuses on professionally building lubricant OEM products. To build awell-known brand of lubricants for customers; to explain how to build MeiheSmart Factory through five core advantages of product development, quality,marketing system, technical service and supply. Meihe provides customers withsolutions and creates value.


   Mr. Hu Yang, the lubricants division of Tom Group, introduced the uniqueindustrial 4.0 intelligent chemical factory built by Tom Group with the titleof “How to Realize Intelligentization of Lubricating Oil Industry Equipment inIndustry 4.0 Times”. He highlighted the fully automatic three-layer spacepackaging production line for lubricants. With a number of technical patents,the Tom Group has provided more than 3,300 lubricant companies with advancedintelligent packaging equipment from generation to generation.


  Finally, Dr. Pan Chuanyi, Secretary General of the Guangdong LubricantIndustry Association, delivered a concluding speech. So far, this meeting hascome to a successful conclusion. This exchange has both technology sharing,interpretation of market trend policies, and reference to marketing models.Participants benefited a lot. Let's look forward to the next meeting!