Study and Exchange Activity In East Guangdong


On April 19-20, 2018, Fan Chengdong, Vice Chairman of our association, and Pan Chuanyi, secretary general  of our association,  led a team to go to East Guangdong for a two-day study and exchange activities. This is another large-scale study and exchange activity  organized by the association.

At noon on April 19, the spring breeze blew and the sun was shining. The delegation of our association visited the Administrative Committee of Dananhai Industrial Zone, Huilai County, Jieyang City, and received warm reception from the leaders and staff of the park. Under the leadership of Mr. Zheng Zhiwei in the industrial zone, everyone first visited the sand table of the industrial zone.



Then, the exchange meeting was held in the conference room of Building 6 of the Management Committee. Peng Jinping, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Jieyang Dananhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone, presided over the symposium and expressed warm welcome to the delegation of our association. He also introduced the leaders of the park  attending the meeting, Jiang Xiuxian, deputy director of the Industrial District Business Bureau (Industry Introduction Bureau).


Subsequently, Mr. Fan Chengdong, Vice Chairman of our association, represented the association and expressed gratitude for their warm reception and introduced the development of Francool Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


At the meeting, the delegation and the guests all introduced themselves and made a good communication. Among them, there are members on the spot expressed their intention to invest and investment demand.

Mr. Pan Chuanyi, Secretary General of our association, introduced the development of the association and the plan for the later activities. He said that the association currently has more than 200 members. In 2018, our association plans to organize a study tour in Singapore, Malaysia, as well as a seminar on “Financial Treatment of Lubricant Consumption Tax” and other activities.


Next, Miss. Zhao Jing, the staff of the Administrative Committee of Jieyang Da Nanhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone, gave a detailed introduction to the development of the industrial zone. Jieyang Da Nanhai Petrochemical Industrial Zone was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government in July 2007 with a planned total area of 133.4 square kilometers and a gold shoreline length of 9.7 kilometers, relying on the CNPC Central Committee joint venture refining and chemical integration project. The leading project of the park is the China Petroleum Refining Engineering Project (also known as PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Project), which is jointly invested by PetroChina and the Venezuela National Petroleum Company. The total investment is planned to be about 70 billion yuan. It is currently under  construction and is estimated to be trial production in 2021.




After the symposium, some of the guests learned about the construction of the industrial zone. The two sides also held a special football match to promote friendship.





On the morning of April 20th, the delegation visited the Shantou Science and Technology Museum to inspect the oil cloud project. It is understood that the oil cloud network is the first large-data-based OEM resource docking third-party service  platform in China lubricant industry.



After the investigation of the “Oil Cloud” project, the delegation came to Guangdong Watts Petrochemical Co., Ltd.,  the vice chairman unit of our association, to visit and inspect. Under the leadership of our association vice president, Mr. Lin Xueteng, the chairman of Guangdong Watts Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liang Zhan, the general manager, everyone  visited their product exhibition hall, lubricant production workshop and R&D center.






According to Mr. Lin Xueteng, the vice president of our association, “WATTS” has been adhering to the “quality” for more than 30 years since its establishment. The purchased additives and base oils are internationally renowned brands. The company currently covers an area of over 30,000 square meters. It is the largest company in Guangdong Province with the largest scale, complete varieties, quality assurance and best service, such as lubricating oil/fat, brake oil, coolant and automobile maintenance products. In addition, in addition to the independent brand of WATTS Petroleum, it is also the exclusive distributor in China for SOFT99 and TCL two well-known automotive chemical products brands.


After visiting the production workshop and R&D center of WATTS, the delegation returned to the conference room and held the theme exchange meeting of “Joining the logistics industry, achieving unlimited possibilities” and the Guangdong Lubricant Peer (Yuedong)  Fellowship. Mr. Lin Xueteng, vice chairman of the association, expressed warm welcome to the arrival of the  Shantou Logistics Industry Association and delegation, and expressed the hope to strengthen cooperation with Guangdong  Lubricant Industry  Association  in the  future and promote interaction and exchanges with member companies of  the association.



At the meeting, Mr. Fan Chengdong, the vice chairman of our association, also communicated with Mr. Lin Xueteng on the  experience of enterprise management from the perspective of entrepreneurs. Next, Dr. Pan Chuanyi, Secretary General of our association, introduced the situation of our association and the work plan for 2018 to the representatives of Shantou Logistics Industry Association.



Finally, Mr. Liang Zhan, the general manager of Guangdong WATTS Petrochemical Co., Ltd. introduced their company's development plans to meet the needs of customers and the next . He revealed that the company's current production workshop will be upgraded. This also gave the guests a clearer understanding of the future development of  WATTS Petrochemical.



The visit to East Guangdong was successfully held. First of all,we would like to thank the Jieyang Da Nanhai Petrochemical  Industrial Zone Management Committee, China Lubricant Information Network and the vice president unit Guangdong WATTS Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for their warm reception and support. And let the participants broaden their horizons, develop business opportunities, learn from each other and communicate with each other. Thank you very much!