Tianjin Lubricating Grease Association Visited Guangdong To Exchange With Our Association


In March of spring, flowers bloom everywhere in Guangdong Province, which is very beautiful. From March 12th to 13th, the Chairman of Tianjin Lubricating Grease Association,Mr. Li Zhihe led a delegation to visit Guangdong and have exchange activities with our association.And We visited Amer Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jisheng Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Mechanical Science Research Institute and SINOMACH and other companies.


Representatives of the exchange meeting took a photo at Amer Technology Co., Ltd.

On March 12th, members of the exchange meeting visited Anmei Technology Co., Ltd., the president of our association. At the meeting, Mr. Pan Chuanyi, Secretary General of the Association, introduced the 2018 work plan of the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association to the participants, which fully reflected the leading role of Guangdong Province as the frontier of China's economic reform. The content is novel and specific, and is leading. And operability also fully reflects the subjective consciousness of social organizations serving the majority of members.

Chairman Wang Xiaolong of the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association pointed out at the meeting that lubricant companies should strengthen learning and cooperation, and can use four ways to achieve win-win cooperation: First, enterprises can use their offline marketing team and funds. The customer resource advantage helps the competitive products provided by the partners to sell; Second, the enterprise can use its own cost advantages in the region to provide products to the peers, localized production and delivery; Third,We can cooperate with global procurement, reduce intermediate links and reduce costs. Fourth, exchange visits, share exchanges, learn from each other's strengths, and grow together.

In the business management experience sharing session, Vice President Hu Qingguang of Zhuhai Meihe Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the development of his vehicle oil business in detail. Chairman Wang Xiaolong of Anmei Technology Co., Ltd. shared the development history and basic conditions of the company. The presidents of the Tianjin Lubricating Grease Association also gave a brief introduction to their respective companies.



Amer Technology Co., Ltd. symposium site


Wang Xiaolong, President of Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association, gave a speech.


Li Zhihe, President of Tianjin Lubricating Grease Association, gave a speech.


Secretary-General of Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association Dr. Pan Chuanyi

Then, the two associations conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation opportunities such as OEM, distribution, and joint procurement in the two regions. Enterprises in the two regions enhanced their intention to cooperate with each other and reached a number of cooperation intention agreements.

On March 13, members of the exchange meeting came to SINOMACH. We visited Guangzhou Mechanical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jisheng Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., and the long-term general manager of Jisheng Company Mr. Liu Changqi warm welcome to everyone. Subsequently, under the leadership of General Liu, everyone visited the Jiusheng Lubricants Maogang Plant and the GCE Lubricant Fluid Testing Center, the Auto Parts Testing Center, and the National Robotic Intelligence Testing and Evaluation Center.



Visit the production workshop of Guangzhou Jisheng Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd.



Guangzhou Mechanical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.Lubricating Fluid Testing Center


Visit the Auto Parts Testing Center


After visiting SINOMACH, they took a photo.

At the symposium, the deputy general manager of Guangzhou Jisheng Lubrication Co., Ltd., Mr. Xiang Hui, gave a detailed introduction to the development of Guangyan lubrication.


Guangzhou Jisheng Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. Exchange Meeting Site

The entrepreneurs of the two associations clearly defined the relationship between supply and demand in the interaction and mutual commitment to cooperate at preferential prices, and pushed the networking exchange activities to a climax. The participants expressed that they had gained a lot.


President Li Zhihe of Tianjin Lubricating Grease Association presented the painting to General Manager Liu Changqi of Guangzhou Jisheng Lubricant Co., Ltd.

The exchange activities deepened the understanding between the Tianjin Lubricating Grease Association and the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association, enhanced the cooperation between the two associations, and achieved the docking of associations in different regions. For the future exchanges, cooperation and the transformation and upgrading of the enterprises of the two places, the joint efforts to become bigger and stronger have laid a solid foundation.