At the 2nd National Lubricants Industry Conw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录ference, representatives from Guangdong Lubricants Garden, Dongguan Amer, Guangzhou Houcheng, Zhanjiang Furun and other lubricant companies from Guangdong, tow88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录 gether with more than 20 lubricant compaw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录nies from other provinces, jointly initiated   the establishment of a national lubricant     industry. association. Due to policy restricw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录 tions, government approval has not been  obtained.
September 2005
May 2012
In Zhongtang Town, Dongguan, at the Guang dong Province Lubricating Oil Enterprise Friw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录  endship Exchange Conference, more than 40 representatives of lubricant companies concew88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录ived to establish the Guangdong Lubricants    Industry Association.
May 2014
More than 80 representatives of lubricantsw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录related companies in Guangdong Prow88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录vince  once again  gathered in Dongguan and forw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录mally proposed the establishment of the Guangdong Lubricants Industry Association‘s proposal.
April 2014
In 2014
The preparatory group promoted and cow88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录  organized the establishment of associations in various regions, and lubricant companies  from all regions participated enthusiasticalw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录 ly. However, due to the incomplete financial   information of the first sponsor units, it was not approved by the government.
The first preparatory meeting was held in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. A total of 13 business representatives participated in the meeting.     Wang Xiaolong, Chairman of Amer Technology Co., Ltd., and Chen    Dongmei, Chief Planning Officer of Business Opportunity Information Consulting Co., Ltd. were elected to set up a preparatory group resw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录  ponsible for the prepare construction work.
All registration procedures of the  association have been completed. The permanent office address of   the association is located in Guangzhou Science City.
December 2017
August 2017
The establishment conference of the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Associaw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录tion and the members was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Xintang Town, Zengcheng City, Guangzhou. Nearly 400 people attended the ceremony.     Representatives of the lubricant industry associations from eight provinces across the country attended the ceremony. Xu Zuping, Deputy Director of    the Guangdong Provincial Social Organization Authority also attended the  ceremony and give a speech. At the conference, the president, vice presiw88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录  dent, secretary general, and chief supervisor were elected.
The sponsors increased Guangdong University of Technology, Sinopec  Lubricants Guangdong Sales Company, and Guoji Guangzhou Jisheng   Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., etc. Dr. Pan Chuanyi of Guangdong     University of Technology and Fan Xiaoping of Sinopec Guangdong        Petroleum Branch joined the preparatory group and joined all parties'  resources to apply again. In June 2017, it was officially approved by the Civil  Affairs Department of Guangdong Province.
In 2017
Held a preparatory meeting for the establishment of the conference at Guangdong University of Technolow88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录gy.
July 2017
In 2016
Once again, the sponsor unit was         changed. The preparatory group         rew88优德官网中文版登录-优德88手机中文版-w88网页登录submitted the report and was not    approved for policy reasons.