Membership Notice

According to the regulations of the Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association, to better serve related businesses, institutions, and academic organizations, when joining our organization, you should carefully read the association's articles of association, activities, rights and obligations. The relevant matters for membership are described below.

Membership scope:

The members of the Association are enterprises and institutions engaged in the lubricant industry in the province, as well as enterprises and units outside the province that have established permanent branches in the Guangdong Province.


1.Fill in the《Registration form for social group admission》;

2.Provide relevant information of the applicant:

(1)1 copy of company business license;

(2)Company profile (approximately 500 words), corporate brochures, and relevant honorary certificates obtained by the company;

(3)If there are other things that need to be explained, you can also attach relevant written materials.

Approval procedure :

After receiving the application materials, the Secretariat will pass the prescribed approval procedures, and after  review and approval, the applicant will be notified of the approval document and the member unit will be given a plaque.

Standard of membership fees:

1. The president unit pays RMB 150,000 yuan annually;

2. The vice chairman unit pays RMB 30,000 yuan annually;

3. The standing director unit pays RMB 10,000 yuan annually;

4. The governing unit pays RMB 6,000 yuan annually;

5. The ordinary member unit pays RMB 2,000 yuan annually.



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